Training packages are built to help you reach your own individual goal, whether it be to run a marathon, increase your athletic performance, feel more energetic, rehabilitate from injury, or to fit into those clothes that have been sitting in the back of the cupboard waiting for the day that they’ll fit again!

Metabolic Effect Training

Strength & Conditioning

Sport Specific Training

Core Activation

Injury Rehabilitation

Lower Back Strengthening

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2 thoughts on “Personal Training

  1. Hi Lee,

    My name is Borislav and I have recently had my fourth knee arthroscopy and have moderate knee arthritis.I am looking to go back in training, build my quadriceps, loose some belly fat and get lean.

    Could you let me know the price of the session or the block of 10 if they are available.

    Thank you in advance



    1. Hi Borislav

      Sorry to hear about your knee, how long ago was the procedure, also how come you’ve had 4 of them? What was the initial injury?

      Where are you based?
      Your Location?
      Have you been training recently?
      Are you a member of a gym?

      I would want us to have a consultation first before commencing any sessions as it’s important to cover all our bases before we agree to train together.

      I have monthly training packages that can be purchased through my booking system, basically as follows:-

      Train once a week =£240 a month (4pt)
      Train twice a week = 400 a month (8pt)
      Train x three a week = £540 a month (12pt)

      Hope this helps, have a merry Xmas, I’ll be arranging training sessions from the 2nd of January so if you’d like to set up a consultation please feel free to contact me.


      Mac5 Personal Fitness


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