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The Hottest Group training programme in West London!

So book your consultation run through the AFTERBURN details and decide on training times. The open Session timetable run’s monday to friday at various times from 6am-7am-12pm-2pm-6pm-7pm- 8pm on. Times will be decided on groups availability.  Sign up now!


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Sessions will be held the gym in Ealing 96-122 Uxbridge Road.

  •  More economical – Personal Training can be a strain on the pocket, small group training 3-5 people introduces a way to train with Lee more frequently therefore getting greater results for half the price of one on one training.
  •  Variety – Metabolic workouts, strength building and conditioning sessions
  • 2-3 Group PT Sessions a week – In 90 Days you will be #fitter #stronger #leaner
  • FREE monthly technical workshops – New skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.
  • Monthly Body fat, Measurements & Progress Pics (you’ll want to keep these!)
  • Optional diet plans – For additional fee fully licensed diet plans & recipes
  • Oh you’ll also get RESULTS! More energy, more confidence, more accountability, more muscle, more strength LESS FAT! and more compliments day to day.


2 sessions a week= £25 per session £200 a month
3 sessions a week = £20 per session £240 a month

Take advantage of his unique and specifically tailored programme for you and your friends old or new.
Consultations available throughout January prior to launch date February 1st.

Contact Lee today for further information;
Call or text: 07754844615
Act fast, receive a great deal and get in great shape!

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