Welcome to my site!  I’m Lee McElligott and I have over 14 years experience in fitness and health.  I am intuitive and passionate about what I do and I love my job!

My overall aim is to help you improve your life, fitness and surpass the goals you are aiming for. As a trainer, I look to create a healthy, sustainable, and unique program for each person.

Whoever you are and whatever your fitness level, I will provide that ‘little and big’ extra to help take you to the next level. I have trained a diverse range of people ranging from professional footballers and athletes to  those starting a workout routine for the first time in their life.

All I ask of you is if that you are serious about making a change to your life, contact me today for a free consultation.

You’ve made the first step by checking out my site so don’t second guess your reasoning, make an investment in yourself. I can’t wait to meet you and get started with our training.

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